Pre-Trip Lesson Plans

This is a group of worksheets that provide a broad overview of rural Florida in 1898, museum operations and museum professions. They will give students a background to the time period we interpret before they visit Cracker Country.

The Historian (grades 4-8)

In this lesson plan students will learn about various museum professionals. Students will also discover how a historian engages in critical thinking, and learn how a museum functions.

Curator (grades 3-8)

Using this worksheet, students will learn how to curate their own museum exhibit. Students will use items found at Cracker Country to create their own imaginary exhibition, providing students with a means to critically think about historical objects.

Mindset of 1898 (grades k-8)

This worksheet provides a brief history of the time period of 1898.

KWL Chart (grade K-8)

This is a worksheet that provides students with a journal to record what they know about this time period, what they want to know, and what they learned during their visit to Cracker Country.