Electronic Field Trips

Cracker Country is now offering the Electronic Field Trip (EFT) program based on 1890s rural Florida history. The museum hosts field trips for local elementary school children, but the EFT program is designed to reach children from all over the state. The EFTs are not designed to replace existing elementary school field trips program, but rather to complement them with a more indepth look at subjects we don’t have time to cover during school visits.

What are Electronic Field Trips? 

EFT is an innovative program for K-12 students that meets state and national standards. The program includes videos on DVD that bring Florida’s past to life and make it relatable for students, interactive Elearning activities, and teacher resources for further exploration.


School Days: Join Kate and Levi Moore on a typical school day and find out what it was like to live in a rural Florida community in 1898. Will they learn the importance of hard work both at school and at home? Follow the children as they discover that education extends beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Art of the Barter: Discover the importance that bartering played to a rural Florida community in 1898. Albert Moore is a blacksmith who uses his skills to trade goods and services with neighbors and the general store owner, Mr. Terry. The Spanish American War has just started and the Moore’s receive a surprise letter from Albert’s brother, who is training in the army and wants to pay them a visit before he is shipped off to Cuba. Learn the value of family and neighbor connections and how people relied on each other to function as a community.

Cowhunters: Join us as we explore the Cracker cowhunter tradition in Florida. Watch experts in Florida’s history interpret and explain Florida’s cowmen as they bring you deeper into the history surrounding the Cracker culture. What types of lives did these cowmen live? How were they able to combat Florida’s thickets and wild animals? Find out as we navigate through Florida’s history.

Benefits Include:

-Infusing technology into the classroom
-Utilizing a multifaceted program that appeals to a variety of learners
-Enhancing students’ content-area knowledge
-Improving students’ communication skills

Purchase Price

The cost for each DVD is $15.00 plus tax and includes a short film about the topic, access to all online interactive activities, and additional resources.

For more information, please contact Linda Mahoney, Cultural Commerce Supervisor, at 813-627-4225 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..